Household Individuals

Sharpen Your Cooking Game

with Expert Sharpened Cutlery

You’ve got friends coming over later in the week for a huge dinner party.  Your son wants to help in the dinner preparations. There are many vegetables and peppers and meats to slice and dice for the big meal.

The last thing you need are dull knives that slow down the food preparation process. You also don’t want you or your child to get cut with knives that are not up to the job.  Dull knives cause frustration and result in lost time. They can also be dangerous to work with!

That’s where Central Oregon Sharpening comes in.

We are a mobile knife sharpener that uses the finest sharpening tools available on the market to ensure your cutlery is always in tip-top shape.  We will expertly sharpen your knives so that you can cut your vegetables and food with ease.  You want cutlery that is sharp enough to get the job done properly and with efficiency.  Our state-of-the-art sharping tools will allow you to perform like a chef in your own kitchen.

Don’t rely on store-brought sharpeners or home-sharpener kits that will not give you the razor sharp knives you need. You can even ruin your knives if they are not sharpened properly.

At Central Oregon Sharpening, we keep in mind “edge geometry” to sharpen all your blades. This allows us to sharpen your knives precisely and in an exact fashion. Take a sushi knife, for example. These are sharpened much differently than a kitchen knife.   It’s not just about getting the knife sharp … it’s about getting the right edge.

In addition to knives, we also sharpen the following items:

  • Kitchen Cutlery
  • Serrated Knives
  • Pocket Knives
  • Sewing & Utility Scissors
  • Barber & Groomer Clipper blades
  • Paper cutters
  • Chisels
  • Grass & Hedge Shears
  • Hand Pruners & Loppers

And Much More!

With your busy schedules, we know you want convenience. We can come to your house with a minimum order of $45.00 or we can meet you at an agreed upon drop-off location.

Having your knives professionally maintained will increase the life span of your knives. 
Let Central Oregon Sharpening make you a pro in the kitchen with our superior sharpening tools!