Commercial Business Sharpening

Be on the Cutting Edge

With Central Oregon Sharpening Services

Are you tired of working with knives that are just not consistently sharp as you prepare dozens of meals every night at your restaurant?  Dull knives can mean longer food prep time and fewer customers served, negatively impacting your bottom line.

Maybe you’re a salon owner struggling to keep your clipper blades adequately sharpened to meet the high demand of clients for all their hair care needs. Dull shears and clippers can result in inferior haircuts and dissatisfied clients, which can negatively affect your business reputation.

Look to Central Oregon Sharpening for professionally sharpened blades that will enable you to operate at maximum efficiency, thus strengthening your bottom line! 

Whether you are a restaurant, salon, or a business that cuts carbon fiber, Central Oregon Sharpening is here to help your team cut safely and with ease. We'll come to you, too!

There is a difference between sharpening and maintaining your blades. You might be able to maintain but you can’t always sharpen.  We have special equipment that gets that edge back to everything you cut with.

Our quality professional knife sharpening services will leave you with cutting instruments that are in tip-top shape!

Among the items we sharpen for businesses are:

  • Scissors
  • Convex Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Fabric and Utility Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Clipper Blades (Discounts on Large Quantities)
  • Large Animal Blades
  • Specialty Items

And much more!

We are confident that you will agree Central Oregon Sharpening is the best knife sharpener business in the greater Bend area.

Central Oregon Sharpening is all about offering you ultimate convenience. That is why we will come to your business or meet you at an agreed upon drop-off location. We also promise same-day turnaround for all blade sharpening jobs!

Trust our knife sharpening service to give you that cutting edge you need to maintain happy, satisfied customers and to bolster your bottom line.  We offer a 100-percent guarantee of all our sharpening services.